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Hi, my name is Andrej Telle

I love solving problems by design

With some friends I am running a small web applications company named teamaton based in Berlin, Germany.

I focus on frontend design (working as web and user experience design), product management and try to be as little ceo as we can need.

Our work - Building Web Applications

We have built and designed the market leader for finding campsites in europe camping.info

Now we are focussing on discoverize, a customizable web application for business specific online portals such as kinderhotel.info

And we have build an online tool for measuring your team's performance: teamreview.net

Find me Online

At my design blog makeatrail.com I write about user experience design, css, html, jquery. Some graphic design such as logos, CIs and print.

You can check out my tumblrs at: design is not art! and Stuff that makes me smile


you can shoot me an email at: andrej {a} teamaton.com

you can find me on facebook, google plus and xing