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andrej smiles

Hi, my name is Andrej Telle

solving problems by design

I love solving problems of any kind, enjoy constantly learning and in so doing helping other people.

I am dedicated user experience (UX) designer, part-time frontend coder, caring entrepreneur and team builder, amateur golfer, low-flying baskteball player, lazy dog-walker, part-time procrastinator, flow-state enjoyer, daily meditator, chess novice, yoga imposter, former jazz guitar player, fearful white-water kayer and fighter for the weak :D

Building Web Applications

My team and I have built and designed the former market leader for finding campsites in europe camping.info up until 2020. We also have built some smaller web apps such as a time tracking tool, a team review tool, a wiki and some more.

discoverize - White Label Business Portal Software

Since 2011 we are focussing on discoverize, a customizable web application for business specific online portals such as kinderhotel.info a portal for family friendly hotels, familienausflug.info for events and activities, or stellplatz.info for campers or physiofinder.info for finding the right physio therapy practitioner.


you can shoot me an email at: andrej {a} discoverize.com